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Preventing Shoulder Injuries With One Simple Exercise

The human shoulder is an amazing structure.  Baseball players can transfer forces allowing them to throw upwards of 90 mph, weight lifters can lift and support hundreds of pounds over their heads, and shot putters can toss a 16 lb. piece of metal over 70 feet.  Unfortunately, for any athlete performing overhead activities, the structure of this joint makes it…

Side Plank Hip Abduction for Glute Strength

The side plank hip abduction is a fantastic exercise for strengthening the glutes.  Boren et al. (2011) studied it along with several other glute exercises used in rehab and found that it was one of the best glute exercises.  Glute medius activation with 88%MVIC for the top leg and 103% for the bottom leg. Glute max activation was 72 and…

Nordic Hamstring Curls

The Nordic hamstring curl (aka Natural Glute Ham Raise) is an exercise that has received a lot of attention in recent years and for good reasons.  We’ve known for a while that eccentric training is important for preventing muscle strains.  The Nordic curl has been the topic of several different research studies lately (see references below).  The results of these…

Back Squat vs Front Squat

The squat is among the most common exercises used by athletes participating in strength training.  It is also one of the most functional strength exercises that can be performed to mimic movement patterns performed in activities of daily living.  The many variations of the squat train the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abdominals, and spinal erectors at the same time.  The…

Alternating Pistol Squat Jumps

I learned of this exercise from Jeff Connors, head strength and conditioning coach at East Carolina University. I worked for Coach Connors when he was at the University of North Carolina.

Coach Connors uses this exercise with athletes who have back problems that prevent them from doing heavy spinal loading exercises like squats, deadlifts, cleans, etc.

This exercise will quickly have your quads and glutes burning and I agree with Coach Connors that this is a great lower body exercise for those that need to limit spinal loading.

In the video I am using a home made suspension training system but this could easily be performed by using ropes tied to a stable surface overhead.