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Biomechanics of The Olympic Snatch

The Olympic snatch is a frequently used exercise is strength & conditioning programs, and for good reason.  This exercise allows the athlete to lift very explosively and with biomechanics similar to that seen in many other athletic movements such running and jumping.  However, this exercise is highly technical and requires time and a good coach to learn how to master.…

Effects of Increased Running Rate on Joint Loading

While recreational running is a great way to stay fit, it comes with a very high risk of injury, particularly injuries to the knee that may account for 50% of running related injuries.  Recently, minimalist footwear and forefoot gait patterns have been suggested to reduce the risk of running injuries.  These two alterations result in an increased step rate.  Previous…

Performing and Screening the FMS

SmartGroupTraining has recently put up several good videos on scoring the individual tests within the Functional Movement Screen.  I just finished reading Gray Cook’s Movement: Functional Movement Systems  book and it is a great read.  Here are SmartGroup’s videos: