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Mobility Minute #9: Bodyweight Overhead Squat Test

One of my favorite tests to use in the clinic has to be the overhead squat test. I have used this test for years since learning the NASM’s Performance Enhancement Specialist system while an undergrad (I use an altered version of their test now). This test is very simple and quick, yet provides a good deal of information regarding an…

Assessing Ankle Mobility

A variety of lower extremity injuries can occur as a result of decreased ankle mobility, specifically decreased dorsiflexion (see my posts on this HERE and HERE).  The ankle dorsiflexion test is my favorite tool for assessing dorsiflexion mobility because it doesn’t require any tools or training, can be quickly performed, and has been shown to have excellent reliability (source). To perform the…

Performing and Screening the FMS

SmartGroupTraining has recently put up several good videos on scoring the individual tests within the Functional Movement Screen.  I just finished reading Gray Cook’s Movement: Functional Movement Systems  book and it is a great read.  Here are SmartGroup’s videos:

Nordic Hamstring Curls

The Nordic hamstring curl (aka Natural Glute Ham Raise) is an exercise that has received a lot of attention in recent years and for good reasons.  We’ve known for a while that eccentric training is important for preventing muscle strains.  The Nordic curl has been the topic of several different research studies lately (see references below).  The results of these…

The Importance of Dorsiflexion, Part II

As a follow up to my first post on the importance of dorsiflexion (HERE), I wanted to follow up by quickly reviewing the research on the effects of decreased dorsiflexion during jump landings.