Case Study: Restoring Elbow Mobility for Front Rack Position and Muscle Ups

Recently treated a teenage CrossFit athlete and coach for quadriceps tendinosis that responded very well to eccentric loading, dry needling, and IASTM with the Edge Mobility Tool.

Secondarily, we treated significant elbow flexion mobility restriction.  A year and a half prior to him arriving at my clinic, he had been in a bad car accident resulting in a humerus fracture and partial tear of his triceps. He also experienced multiple complications, resulting in a total of three arm surgeries.

After recovery from surgery, this athlete had been consistently working elbow mobility but showed little response. His elbow flexion was limited to ninety degrees and he could not hold a barbell in the front rack position or perform dips / muscle ups secondary to his mobility.

As his knee pain improved, I spent some time working his triceps wth IASTM and elbow extension mobilizations. He had also been performing months of soft tissue work and stretching independently. These produced mild results.

On his third visit working the arm, I began using ulnar nerve glides and soft tissue mobilization (with the Edge Mobility tool) to the neural container.

This resulted in significant improvements in his mobility immediately. Home exercise program of nerve glides plus one follow up appointment resulted in him being able to hold the barbell in the front rack position…. and him performing a muscle up for the first time since his accident!

A great example of how mobility restrictions can be from neurological restrictions more than true soft tissue dysfunctions!

Ulnar Nerve Glides

Click to joint

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