Free CrossFit Programming

Very few people truly understand how to program for fitness.

Any individual can design a tough WORKOUT (singular) but a much smaller number of coaches understand all the variables necessary to plan for long term progression.

I think this number is even smaller when designed for the CrossFit athlete given the huge number of movements and energy systems involved in CrossFit training.

My friend Dan Pope of is one of those few individuals that understands the complexity of programming for the CrossFit athlete. His year-round approach is excellent for not just development of fitness and skill work, but doing it safely!

As an example, he understands the need to focus on strict work for part of the year to allow the body to recover while building up base levels of body control.

For a limited time, Dan is offering his Performance Programming for FREE so that you can see how in-depth and thought out his programming is. I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out!

  One thought on “Free CrossFit Programming

  1. October 19, 2015 at 11:01 pm

    Thanks Zach!

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