The Best Exercise You’re Not Doing to Improve Your Snatch and Overhead Squats

The snatch and overhead squat tests whole-body mobility as much as any other exercises do…

Both require optimal range of motion if they are to be performed properly. They also require significant strength and stability.

The Face Pull Y Press to Overhead Squat is an fantastic exercise to get your body prepped for snatching and overhead squatting.


I’ve previously written about the Face Pull Y Press in my CrossFit Journal article “The Optimal Shoulder“. This exercise is fantastic for getting the shoulders warmed up to hold a stable externally rotated overhead position. Most missed lifts occur with the barbell falling forward… and training the FPYP will strengthen the weaker upper back muscles that keep the barbell from falling this direction.

While in the top position, the band resistance also assists many athletes into squatting into a better position. The forward pull encourages athletes to sit back, keeping weight on their heels and loading their hips properly. It also works to help athletes to keep a more neutral spine positioning. These two variables combined makes this exercise a great pre-squat warm up exercise.


Check out the video below. The Face Pull Y Press with Overhead Squat is part of my recently released BulletProof Mobility” warm up program that is specifically designed to get athletes mobility work done while getting warmed up…saving time by doing incredibly efficient mobility exercises such as this one!


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