Attention Fitness Athletes,


Many athletes spend too much time trying to improve their mobility and reap little benefit from their hard work.

Today, you are going to learn the quickest and most effective way to improve your mobility and performance.

Most fitness athletes understand how important mobility is to their performance. When their mobility is poor, they have difficulty performing movements with proper form, fatigue quicker, and get injured more often. While there are many options out there for mobility work, few athletes understand how to design a complete mobility program to optimize their athletic performance…without spending ridiculous amounts of time stretching, rolling, and enduring pain in the pursuit of mobility.

The BulletProof Mobility Warm Up is the solution to your problem.
Built out of years of mobility specific work with some of the nation’s top athletes, this program will improve mobility throughout the entire body, hitting those mobility restrictions you probably never realized you had! Better yet, this can be performed as your warm up, eliminating wasted time at the gym!

I understand where you are. I’ve hurt all over before I even get to the gym. I’ve spent countless hours foam rolling, jamming a lacrosse ball into muscles, and stretching with all kinds of gadgets…and repeating the same to get prepped for my next workout!

A program that address both the mobility needs of fitness athletes and then utilizes specific corrective exercises to help “lock in” those mobility gains will produce much better results….in a fraction of the time!

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As a result of using the BulletProof Mobility program, you will be able to get into full range of motion during exercises with increased ease, your performance will increase, and you will prepare your body to consistently hit PRs!

Over the last ten years, I’ve been blessed to work with lots of athletes as both a Strength & Conditioning Coach and as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Everyone from CrossFit Games athletes, NFL players, and weekend warriors looking to perform better in the gym. I’ve also been able to regularly contribute fitness and mobility articles for CrossFit Journal, helping their readers improve performance, mobility, and risk of injury.

Benefits you will see from following the BulletProof Mobility program:

  • Improved shoulder and thoracic spine mobility so that you can lift and support more weight in the overhead position.
  • Increased core stability so that you more effectively develop and transmit force through your body.
  • Improved ankle and hip mobility so that you can squat to better depth.
  • Better glute activation and hip power so that you can generate more force during athletics.
  • Decreased stress on your muscles and joints, resulting in lessened risk of injury.


My friend John tried the BulletProof Mobility program and after just his first two weeks gave me this feedback:

“The videos were short, descriptive, and included regressions for the more advanced movements.  This is my third week and my shoulders already feel more mobile and stabile.  Thanks for a great program!”

Well known physical therapist Brian Finch @AlpineAthlete wrote:

“This is one heck of a body of work!”


And fitness competitor Mitch Babcock @movement_unchained reported:

“This is great! Streamlined, simplified, and addresses all the most common limitations so you get more bang for your buck out of your workout.”


The BulletProof Mobility warm up is a four day per week program designed to get your daily mobility work and warm up both accomplished in about ten minutes. This will allow you to then perform a few minutes of workout specific training prior to starting your workout or to spend another few minutes working on your problem mobility spots.

The program has sets and reps written out for you. It also includes over twenty videos created to fully explain the technique of each exercise, including variations of multiple exercises to meet your specific mobility needs.


As an added bonus, I will be giving you my “Mobility Checklist”, a compilation of mobility tests for you to further identify your specific mobility needs.

I will also give you my “Mobility Moves” packet which includes over fifty different mobility and strength movements to customize your program to your individual weaknesses.

Finally, you will receive my “Shoulder Savers” routine. A twice per week, five-minute shoulder injury prevention program that will strengthen your shoulders and decrease risk of injury.





If you don’t try the BulletProof Mobility Warm Up you will continue to spin your wheels and waste time while trying to improve your mobility with exercises that have provided you slow results.


PS – One of my favorite quotes is that “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results”. If you are tired of constantly doing mobility work and not seeing results, try the BulletProof Mobility Routine and improve your performance, mobility, and get your body ready to set PRs!


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      Thanks Coach

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