Lateral Tibial Glide Assessment & Treatment for Ankle Mobility

Dr. E of recently shared a video for assessing lateral tibial glide which is commonly restricted in those with ankle mobility restrictions, knee collapse during squat patterns, or knee pain. Since he posted I have made this a regular part of my assessment. See it HERE

Dr. E aslo shared a great self-mobilization for this in another post.

Last week, I got to work with the American Snatch Record holder and assess his ankle. As you can see in the following two videos, his lateral tibial glide was much improved before and after one simple mobilization. I performed a simple posterior glide of the fibula, which restored both full lateral tibial glide and dorsiflexion with <30 seconds of treatment (second video on left). Follow up exercise for home is the self-mobilization Dr. Erson shared on his site (second video on right).

Thanks to American Snatch Record Holder, Jared Fleming for letting me post. Check out his new website HERE.

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