Squat Therapy with Goblet Squats

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Somehow deleted a great before and after video of retraining the squat by using the goblet squat. Cued athlete to get into more neutral core set up position (and used some 90/90 breathing). Used the kettlebell to counterbalance his weight as he descended into the squat. At the bottom we slowly set the KB down and removed hands with cueing to maintain lumbar position. Then returned to the top of the squat. The KB allowed us to get to the bottom. Hold and own that position for a second. Then perform bottoms up squat. Great tool to retrain the movement pattern and had some great, quick success. —————————————————– TheBarbellPhysio.com Improving the worlds of athletic performance, injury prevention, and rehabiliitation. #CrossFit #wod #mobility #fitness #barbell #gymnastics #weightlifting #functionalmovement #training #charlottefitness #CLTfitness #CrossFitKaiju

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