Your Ultimate Mobility Program


Attention CrossFit Athletes:

Are you ready to take your mobility and performance to the next level? A full body assessment of your mobility deficits and customized mobility programming can help transform your athletic ability.

The movements and intensity of CrossFit workouts are incredibly demanding on the human body. Without proper mobility, excessive stress is placed on tissues, energy “leaks” occur robbing performance, maximal power output is decreased, and risk of injury is elevated.

While many CrossFit athletes actively work on their mobility, few have a detailed plan on what they specifically need to improve their performance.

A thorough assessment of you mobility and movement by Dr. Zach Long can help you develop the exact programming you need.

Dr. Zach has worked in the Strength & Conditioning and CrossFit worlds for the last 10 years. In that time, he has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities. Dr. Zach has also become a featured writer in CrossFit Journal, writing athletic performance articles specific to the CrossFit athlete.

Zach is currently offering a limited amount of one-on-one mobility assessment and coaching. This hour-long appointment will identify your biggest weaknesses. Together, you and Zach will game-plan a mobility program that you can perform as part of your warm up to crush your mobility limitations. This will help erase many of the “energy leaks” you have and set you up to more consistently set PRs and stay healthy!

The cost of the mobility assessment and customized programming is $75 for August, after which, it will increase to $125 so schedule now.

To get your assessment and custom mobility programming with Dr. Zach Long call Carolina Sports Clinic at 704-544-5353!

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