Mobility Minute #5: Hamstring Flexibility

Mobility Minute BannerLast week’s Mobility Minute covered the Hip Hinge pattern and how to assess if an athlete has difficulty loading the hips without putting the spine in poor positions. Closely related to the hip hinge is the need for adequate hamstring mobility. Without proper flexibility of this muscle, maintaining a neutral spine during many athletic maneuvers will be difficult.

To assess hamstring flexibility, the athlete should lie supine with both legs straight. A coach or training partner should then raise one leg up, while maintaining full knee extension, until the athlete feels tension in the posterior thigh. An athlete will good flexibility should have an 80+ degree angle of their thigh at the stretching point.


This athlete has an 80-90 degree angle of her thigh relative to the ground indicating good flexibility of the hamstring muscles. Note hand placement of the tester, maintaining the knee in full extension.


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