Prevent Hand Rips and Improve Grip with WodWax

Have to admit something…I might have the wimpiest hands in the world. They rip all the time when performing high intensity CrossFit workouts. The resultant tears make it impossible for me to perform the exercises I need to at the gym until they heal. Even worse, they impact my ability to perform some manual therapy techniques that I need to do as a physical therapist.

The week before the CrossFit Open, I ripped my hands performing muscle ups. As that rip started to heal, I ripped several more places during CrossFit Open workout 15.1. The next week I ripped multiple places again during 15.2. That was 7 different tears in three weeks impacting both my workouts and my job….despite the fact that I was using combinations of chalk, tapes, and gymnastics grips.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 2.13.55 PM


A friend of mine recently developed a product called WodWax that can be directly applied to pullup rigs and bars. This antibacterial product serves to both enhance grip and prevent rips. Since using, I haven’t had any problems with tearing and feel like I have a more secure grip while working out. Using WodWax also allows me to workout without gloves, grips, and constant chalking. Can’t recommend a CrossFit product as much as I do WodWax. If you have the same problem, visit


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