Review of all my articles over the past year

Wanted to review all the articles that I’ve written on the website over the year for those that are new to the blog.  We’ll start with different exercises we’ve discussed.


Front Plank Hip Extensions for glute and core strengthening based on study by Boren et al.

Front Plank Hip Extension

Side Plank Hip Abduction for glute strengthening

Side Plank Hip Abduction

Hip Clamshell Progression for Glute Med Strengthening – The most popular article so far on the blog that discusses a hip clamshell progression.

Nordic Hamstring Curls – Another popular post involving the nordic hamstring curl (aka natural glute ham raise) which has been shown to be effective at reducing the risk of hamstring injuries.  Variations of the exercise are also discussed to allow for progression of the exercise.

Nordic Curls

Alternating Pistol Squat Jumps – A great, explosive exercise that really works the legs with the added benefit of not having to load the spine with weights. 

Back Squats vs. Front Squats – A comparison of the two most popular squat variations  based on scientific studies rather than just “bro-science”.

Torso Position in Back Squat and Front Squat

Torso Position in Back Squat and Front Squat

Runner’s Side Planks – A great exercise for dynamically working the glute meds.

Glute Ham Sit Ups  Part I and Part II – A killer abdominal exercise and several variations that can make it even better!

L-Pullups for Core Strength – Kill two birds with one stop by performing this exercise variation that increases the demand on the core musculature during a pull-up.

Improving Sumo and Monster Walks – Sumo and Monster Walks are common rehab and training exercises.  Find out what the research says regarding resistance band placement on glute muscle activation.

Pushup Review – A review of pushups including muscle activation during the exercise and variations to help you get the most bang for your buck on this time-tested exercise.

Chain Military Press – This exercise variation fries the deltoids while challenging the stabilization aspect of the standard military press.

Face Pull with External Rotation Plus Y-Press an unbelievably good exercise for Rotator Cuff and Peri-scapular Muscle Strengthening

Face Pull Y-Press

Other Articles

Exercise for Breast Cancer Survivors – how we can help breast cancer patients not just survive but THRIVE!

Two articles on different hamstring rehab protocols here and here.

Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) of Hamstrings in Lengthened State

Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) of Hamstrings in Lengthened State

What do MRIs really tell us about back pain?

Is weightlifting for children safe?

Effect of increased running rate of joint loading

Two great exercises for CrossFit injury prevention and performance here and here.

Importance of Dorsiflexion Part I and Part II – Two part series on the importance of addressing dorsiflexion limitations to reduce the risk of lower extremity injuries.

The Effects of Ankle Mobilizations on Hip Strength – My research poster completed as part of my requirements for graduation from East Carolina University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

Distal fibula mobilization

Utilizing a Forefoot Gait Pattern to Decrease Symptoms of Anterior Compartment Syndrome Part I and Part II

Exercise Related Leg Pain (Shin Splints) – A review of the different conditions that make up what is typically referred to as “shin splints”.

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