Therapy Reads 11/16/14

First up, my article on exercise for breast cancer patients and survivors

Excellent article by Mike Reinold on whether physical therapy can prevent the need for rotator cuff surgery

The Physio Dectective on training through injuries

Non-conventional hand and wrist exercises at Physio Answers

Indirect core stability upper body exercises by Eric Cressey

The Sports PhysioTherapist on Functional Performance Testing

Gray Cook on Movement Principle #1

New great rotator cuff and serratus anterior exercise by Dan Blewitt

Regional Interdependence and UCL tears in baseball players, highlighting the importance of looking at the whole kinetic chain in rehab

Chi-running vs. rear foot strike pattern

Though provoking article and discussion in comments about whether cryotherapy is useful or not

The soles muscle as a knee protector at Somastruct

Shin Spints by Runners Reform (See my article on this here)

Please share you thoughts and opinions

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