Therapy Reads 9/7 – 9/13/13

First up is an article I wrote on the effects of manipulating running rate on lower extremity joint forces during running.  Interesting study that opens up some arguments regarding the barefoot and/or minimalist running studies.

Now for the rest:

Identifying Upper Crossed Syndrome

Mike Reinold on Having a Great Baseball Off-season

Bruce Wilk wrote 2 articles on running and cycling injury rates (1 and 2)

The Correct Way to Mobilize Your Spine by Dan Pope

Bottoms Up Kettlebell Carries for RTC by Eric Cressey (I did these in the clinic this week with a patient and they are great)

5 Mobility Exercises Every Athlete Should Do by Antony Lo

Mike Boyle on Core Exercise Progressions

John Snyder on the Key to ACL Injury Prevention 

Zac Cupples Reviews Neurodynamic Tests

Please share you thoughts and opinions

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