L-Pullups for Core Strength


As I previously discussed in my Glute Ham Sit Up articles (Part One and Two), I hate ab work and have to find exercises that can destroy the core in very few sets.  Another great exercise I like for working the abdominals besides the glute ham sit up is the L-Pullup.  Pullups, when performed correctly, are already a good exercise for the core.  Bret Contreras has previously written an article (HERE) in which he concluded that chin-ups and hanging leg raises were among the best abdominal exercises.

L-Pullups combine these two exercises into one monster core challenge.  Holding the leg raise position itself is hard, but the pull-up’s recruitment of the lats makes them even more difficult due to the lats function as lumbar extensors.

To perform L-pullups, simply raise your legs with the knees extended until they are parallel to the ground while hanging from a chin-up bar.  Then perform a pull-up while keeping the legs raised.  See Ben Bruno’s perfect example below:

Give them a try and be prepared for a sore core!L-Pullups

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