Two Article Reviews

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Today’s article is a review of two studies involving glute activation exercises and hip inflammation.

Progressive hip rehabilitation: The effects of resistance band placement on gluteal activation during two common exercises.  Cambridge, Sidorkewicz, Ikeda, & McGill

Researchers in this study compared sumo walks and monster walks with varying resistance band placement (around knees, ankles, and forefoot).  As you would expect, moving the band distally (further down) lead to higher glute muscle activation because the muscles have to work harder when challenged with a longer lever arm.  The interesting part of this study was that moving the bands from the knee to the ankle lead to a 20% increase in glute med activity during the sumo walk and 25% for the monster walk.  Moving the band from the knee to the forefoot increased glute med activation by 45% and 40%.  It also increased glute max activation by 60% and 40% for sumo and monster walks because the forefoot positioning of the resistance bands added a hip external rotation moment.

For a good technique breakdown of these two exercises check out this video by Bret Contreras: 

Arthrogenic neuromusculature inhibition: A foundational investigation of existence in the hip joint.

Freeman S, Mascia A, McGill S.
It has been known for years that fluid within the knee capsule causes inhibition of the quadriceps.  These researchers of this study wanted to determine if the glutes are inhibited when fluid was injected into the hip joint.  They injected fluid into the hips of 12 patients with hip pathologies (intervention group).  They also had 9 patients with no pathology who did not receive the injections (control group).  Glute max EMG was measured during a pelvic bridge and hip extension exercises.  The researchers concluded that the fluid injection lead to significant athrogenic inhibition of the glute max.

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