Good Reads: Neanderthal No More Article Series

It is very well known that many jobs such as those who sit at computers for long periods of time commonly develop postural abnormalities that can lead to dysfunction and pain.  I think this idea is too frequently lost when training athletes and those who are generally physically active.  Postural abnormalities and muscle imbalances can hinder performance and prevent an athlete from reaching their full potential.

Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson wrote a series of 5 articles called “Neanderthal No More” several years ago that I feel was very well done.  I used the program myself many years ago to address my own muscle imbalances.

Part One of the series explains how muscle imbalances can lead to decreased performance and a variety of injuries/dysfunctions.

Part Two gives several easy to perform tests to determine where your imbalances may be.

Part Three  provides a few case studies.

Part Four is a four week program designed to address the most frequent muscular imbalances and is followed up by Part Five which continues to work on these imbalances while bringing more traditional weight room exercises back into your programming.

Please share you thoughts and opinions

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